2009. január 3., szombat

Happy New Year!

Hello Everyone! sorry,I've been off a year:-P (08-09)
The things are still going normal.Wind and good weather but i have not so much time to windsurfing nowadays.Therefore the big days when I can go out are jewel. 1 picture of these days.We've got some nice waves front of the center and the wind was also sailable so just perfect for windsurfing!

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Névtelen írta...

Heeeeeeey my maaaaaan! After 2 weeks i got internet again! Believe me, the last days were fuckin stressy! But now i am in my new appartment and have great roommates. But i fuckin miss the lifestyle and adam of gran canaria! Say hello to otti!
My email is: felix.watzka@gmx.de
my skype: munichsurfer

See ya soon and stay hungarianstyle!

Adam Gyömrei írta...

Hola Amigoóóóó!!!!(szia Barátom!...as you would say in hungarian you know:-P) Nice to hear about you again! I was planing to e-mail you but I've got also some stressy days:) we will leave on saturday...2 days left maaan! I gonna e-mail you as soon as I am at home.
take care my Mate!
Otti also say hello barátom to you!